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valet parking services

Why Does Your Hospital Need Valet Parking Services?

When we talk about providing valet parking services to hospitals – it is more of a necessity than a luxury. 

Valet Parking is becoming a standard service at hospitals and there are tons of reasons why your hospital needs a Valet Parking Services right now. Hospital valet services elevate the patients’ experience as well as of the guests and attendees who come to visit the patient. 

Let’s look at the benefits of having hospital valets. 

  1. A necessity for patients

Lack of parking facility or heavy traffic jams near the hospital gate is the last thing an ailing patient or his family would like to go through in an emergency. 

Hospitals have parking needs due to the variety of people who visit the facility every second, including guests, visitors, hospital staff, patients, etc. No matter how many floors of parking you have, self-parking is time-consuming and baffling, especially for doctors or patients who are always in a hurry. 

valet parking

Valets can alleviate several problems for your patients and guests. 

  • They can assist the elderly or impaired guests from their cars to the facility (hospital).
  • They can free your patients from the stress of having to find a parking space and roam from one ground to another. 
  • No need to waste time and energy walking from the self-parking area. 
  • They can coordinate with your hospital staff and provide additional assistance to your patients. 
  • They can provide helpful instruction and navigation to the patients. 
  • They can retrieve the car from the parking facility as and when the patient requires. 
  • Efficiently manage parking and reduce traffic jams near the hospital entrance. 
  1. Smoother operations 

By operation, we mean the flow of things. With the help of a valet service, you can streamline things and ensure that everything is moving along smoothly. 

When your patients and guests know that your facility has a smooth parking facility, they would be less likely to miss appointments or switch doctors. 

Valet attendants can navigate and show the right direction to the patients. This ensures that your patients go through less trouble in reaching their destination. From arrival to departure, valets can ensure that your operations are running smoothly and without any roadblocks. 

  1. Great for your business

Valets are a value-add to your facility. When you hire a valet service provider for your hospital parking woes, it demonstrates to your patients and guests that you care about their comfort. With valet service, you can give them safe and smoother arrivals and departures. This helps you build an impression and brand in the market. Patients will definitely go to a place where even their parking is taken care of. 

  1. Great for your guests 

Your patients will have regular guests and visitors who won’t be staying for too long. Some of them might even be visiting the patient while running errands. Valets can make sure that the hospital entrance and self-parking space has smoother traffic flows. 

Guests can park their vehicles for 5-10 minutes, meet the patient, and quickly run back to their office. 


You cannot redo a first impression. Valet parking can help you earn a positive first impression. For hospitals, well-trained valet parking services are more of an investment than a cost. With valet parking for hospitals, you can ensure the on-time arrival of patients, and ensure that no time is wasted in looking for a parking space.  Noble Parking provides various types of parking services in USA.