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Top 5 Tips To Hire Valet Parking Service For Your Next Event

Hiring a valet parking service for your next event is the best decision. Valet Parking comes with a host of benefits. It adds class, sophistication, and elegance to your event. 

Valet service is a part of hospitality. The success of your event depends on how happy, elated, and welcomed your guests feel. Even great food and music cannot buckle up a guest who is frustrated with the poor parking management. 

The reason for hiring a Valet Parking Service for your private event is simple – to give an added convenience for your guests. Unlike other services, valet parking experience begins with the event entrance only. It sets the mood of the guest. Imagine a guest who has finished up his work early so he could attend your wedding anniversary celebration, but as he reaches the venue, he ends up wasting half of his energy and time in finding a perfect parking spot. You shouldn’t expect him to be a part of any of your celebrations in the future, thanks to the poor hospitality. 

If you are planning for an upcoming event and not sure how to hire the best valet parking service, you have reached the right place. 

We are sharing the top 5 tips or ways to hire the best valet parking for your private event. 

5 tips to hire the best valet parking service

When hiring private event valet parking services, you must choose the right company that can make things convenient for you and your guests. A right company will simplify parking management for your guests and optimize parking space in the venue. 

Professional valets are well-trained in human skills. The guest experience is everything in valet parking. Your guests should just be required to drop off the key at the entrance and rest should be taken care of by the valets. 

To ensure that you are making the right choice, here are a few tips on hiring the best valet parking company for your event. 

  • Are they experienced?

With experience comes the ability to deal with uncertainties and complexities in parking management. An experienced parking professional is aware of the parking management and its dynamics. They have trained valets and drivers who are well-versed with guest and vehicle handling. 

Drivers should know how to operate automatic cars; in case they need to handle one. Experienced drivers can easily handle old, automatic, new, or manual cars.

  • What about vehicle safety? 

When the guests hand over their cars to the valet(s), they put their belief and trust in them. But accidents are prone to happen sometimes even with experienced drivers. 

In such a situation, you obviously won’t bear the cost of repair to your guest’s personal vehicle. But you can make sure that the valet company you’ve hired carries proper safety measures and insurance to cover the losses of the guest. 

  • Request them to visit your site 

A good valet company will always visit the event site before they suggest a parking plan. It is also an opportunity for you to get familiar with the company and its way of working. An ideal company would not charge you for visiting the site. 

    • Get a proposal 

Always take a written estimate from the valet vendors. The written estimate includes things like – staff arrival time, total cost, and the number of valets. Many companies charge by the hour, while others have a minimum flat rate. 

Written estimate ensures that there are no hidden costs or charges in the fees. 

  • Check for quality references 

You can trust word-of-mouth referrals as one of the best ways to find a reputable valet parking company. You can ask from your event planner, caterers, etc. who are mostly aware of good valet companies. You can also browse online for reputable valet companies. Check for honest reviews and customer testimonials to know more about the company. 

Going through the valet company is integral to ensure that you trust the right people. 

Noble Parking is a full parking management and valet parking service provider with a wide range of parking and valet services. Our services are designed to help you serve the best parking experience for your guests. 

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