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Valet parking services

The Right Way To Use Valet Parking Services

For an average person who doesn’t go out to swanky hotels and top-notch events, valet parking is a very new experience. If you have no idea what valet parking service means, here’s a quick explanation – you arrive at a hotel/event, you collect your belongings, hand over your car keys to a person (valet) who then parks the car for you. While returning from the event, you go through the valet service to retrieve your vehicle.

Valet parking is not new. It has been a part of the hospitality industry for a long time. It is a fast-paced service and has its own set of etiquettes that you (as a guest) must understand before you enjoy the service. The service involves interaction on a personal level between the guests and the valets. Hence, both parties must be courteous and humble.

valet parking services

This blog attempts to cover the top rules and etiquettes to be followed when using a Valet Parking Service. This will save you from any embarrassment at any event or hotel with regards to valet parking.

To facilitate understanding, let’s understand this in two parts:

Part 1 – Checklist before you enjoy the valet parking service

This includes things you should ensure before you drop-off your vehicle at the valet parking.

Clean your car – It is not mandatory but must for a good impression. When you know you have to attend an event or party at a luxurious hotel, you must clean your car beforehand. This doesn’t mean sending it for a full service. Simply wipe off the dirt with a damp cloth or give it a good wash at home only. Remember to throw off those wafer packets from your back seat.

Keep some cash – The price of valet parking service can vary from hotel to hotel or depends on the valet service providers. You can pay for the main service via your debit or credit card, but you need cash to tip the valets.

Remove any valuable item – While you can completely trust the valet, it is a good habit to not store any valuable items in your car. Even if you are carrying something expensive, keep it locked in the car.

Keep your car keys separately – Many people have the habit of carrying all keys in one key ring. However, when you know you will take the valet service help for parking, carry a spare key of the car.

Part 2: Checklist when dropping off your car

This includes tips to follow when you drop-off the car at the valet parking drop-off zone.

Follow the instructions: As soon as you see the vehicle drop-off zone, you must slow down your vehicle and carefully follow the directions of the valets. The valets work in a very fast-paced speed. Hence, be ready with your belongings when the valet approaches your car. Making valets and other car owners wait is not cool.

Leave your car running: It is one of the most important pieces of etiquette when using a valet parking. Always keep the cars running when dropping it off. Keep your key in the ignition and get off of the car. Valets work very fast and hence restarting your car will slow down the process.

Let the valet open the door for you: This point largely depends on the level of valet parking services you are taking. In high-end hotels, valets will always open the gate for the guests. While visiting a normal event or art festival, you don’t expect the same level of hospitality. Also, there is nothing wrong if you get out of the car on your own instead of waiting for the valet if you don’t feel comfortable waiting. If there is a female passenger with you, wait till the valet first opens the car gate for her.

Inform the valet about your car: Every car has some unique quirks. You must inform the valet about any such quirk beforehand. But be quick with the information, don’t take too much of their time.

Keep the claim ticket safe: Safely store the claim ticket in your wallet or purse. If lost, you will have to go through a time-consuming process when picking your vehicle back.

Tip the valet: Tipping the valet is an important etiquette. It is not mandatory but is a good gesture. You should tip when – the valet takes away your car, and when a different valet brings back the car. Whenever you are in a hurry, call the valet in advance.

Valet Parking Companies in Atlanta and other regions train their valets with the best etiquettes and rules when dealing with guests. The service experience comes out to be positive when both the parties follow some set of etiquettes. Contact us for the best valet parking services now.